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What is Guided Meditation?


When you begin practicing meditation, quieting the mind takes training and patience. Meditation is simple – close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Yet the mind likes to plan, rehash situations and worry.

Meditation is a way to become aware of your thoughts and body. Having someone lead you in meditation can help you gently return your awareness to your breath.

Becoming aware of the present moment can have a dramatic shift in your perspective in life leading to transformational change in all areas – career, spiritual, physical mental emotional.

Meditation helps you understand how and why you think and feel the way you do. It slows you down to pay attention to what is happening in your mind and body.

With practice and determination, you can become still from daily stresses and allow peace to enter in.

We also offer Reiki and Crystal Healing to support your healing journey. 

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditating are well documented:

Can change the structure of your brain

Lower stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain

Better sleep

More focus

Improved immune function

Whether it’s mental, physical or emotional, you will certainly benefit from the relaxing and self-expanding effects of energy healing.

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