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What is Crystal Healing?


Energetic imbalances may manifest into physical ailments or emotional issues. Crystal Healing can restore these energy jams with the flow of good energy.

This unique and meditative experience involves placing crystals and stones on the body. Crystals act on your mind, body and spirit to restore balance and rectify the underlying causes of a condition. They support the body’s inner healer.

Since ancient times, cultures around the world have worked with gemstones for spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. Today, people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds are turning toward alternative healing such as crystals.

Crystal Healing promotes relaxation and calm. When the body and mind are relaxed, healing on a deep level can occur. However, healing does not imply a cure and Crystal Healing should accompany a traditional medical care plan.

Benefits of Crystal Healing 

Crystal Healing is effective in not only helping you physically and emotionally, it is also highly useful in manifesting intentions and goals.

Natural healing of ailments

Reduction of stress and tension

Manifesting intentions and goals

Peaceful and deep relaxation

What To Expect During A Crystal Healing Session?

A Crystal Healing session lasts 60-90 minutes. Prior to entering the sacred healing space, you remove your shoes. You’ll discuss your areas of concern with the healing. Then you lay on a massage table, fully clothed.

You are guided through a meditation to allow you to relax and receive healing. Gemstones are placed on and around your body while soft calming music plays in the background.

A trained practitioner directs and manipulates your own healing capabilities by infusing the body with positive energy through a stone. There is no pressure, massage, or manipulation.  As you allow the stones to balance your energy, you will feel peace and calm.

Crystal Healing is a mix of energy work, healing crystals, and essential oils. It follows universal laws of energy transfer to bring the body’s energy points into alignment.

Whether it is overall good energy you want or specific healing powers, give Crystal Healing an honest try.

We also offer Reiki and Guided Meditations to support your healing journey.

Whether it is mental, physical or emotional, you will certainly benefit from the relaxing and self-expanding effects of energy healing.

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