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The Sanctuary for Mind, Body & Spirit is a judgment-free, safe place to let go of stress and anxiety. We help you find inner calm and balance for a happy and abundant life.

It’s no mistake you are here. Your soul is leading you to explore yourself. Let us aid you in releasing the root causes of negative emotions, mental blockages, and health issues.

Access the power and peace that is already within you at one of our healing sessions and events. Say ‘no more’ to worry, sadness and sleepless nights. Say ‘yes’ to relaxation and your well-being.

Our Tools For Healing


Hands-on natural method for relaxation, self-improvement and spiritual healing that leverages universal life force.

Crystal Healing

Gemstones are placed on or around the body to relax, release stress and pain, and balance negative energies.


When starting out, having someone lead you through the basic steps of your meditation practice is helpful.

Meet Sheila Zayas

Sheila supports people in gaining power over their emotions and lives by helping them relax their bodies and minds. Being witness to their happiness and healing is one of her greatest passions.

Sheila healed herself from overwhelming stress and sadness and in the process, she found inner peace. Thanks to deep healing work, she is now mostly smiles and love.

Her soul called her to lead others to self-heal from pain and suffering.

What are people saying?

A Breath of Fresh Air

Sheila’s positive energy is felt the moment you’re in her presence. She’s a gifted listener, nonjudgmental and has the ability to help people find themselves. At first, I was a little unsure. But I learned quickly that I was in desperate need of finding myself, regaining my self-worth, strength, health and eliminating the toxic energy suckers in my life. Read More…


Finally! My Inner Peace

I enjoyed my experience immensely. At first, I was skeptical but intrigued. I’m always on the go and needed something to put my mind and spirit at ease. This is a great start to focusing on my inner peace, which will lead to clearing and focusing my thoughts. Going into my first session I was not sure what to expect. As the session went along, I felt so relaxed. The atmosphere and setting also helped me to concentrate during my session. I enjoyed each session there after more than the previous and look forward to continuing my sessions to reach higher healing. Read more…


Sheila is Amazing!

My experience with Sheila has been nothing but AMAZING! She is a natural at her skill. Every session with her has brought information to me that has helped me progress and move forward with my life transitions. She is warm and caring and provides a safe environment. Even when I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to relax and let her do her thing, she was able to calm my nerves. I absolutely LOVE working with her and always look forward to sessions with her. If you are looking for someone that is genuine at their gift, then she is the person for you. I am so grateful to have found her. Reiki is nothing to be afraid of, her energy and skill will help you in your journey.


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