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What’s Your True North?

Making energy healing and breathwork part of your self-care routine helps you tap into your inner calm and balance for a happy and abundant life. Our judgment-free healing space is a safe place to peel back the layers of stress and anxiety, which cloud you from your goals and dreams.

It’s no mistake you are here. It’s been a long time coming. Your soul is leading you to explore yourself. You deserve peace and freedom from worry and sadness.

Let us aid you in finally releasing the root causes of the heaviness your feel toward achieving your best life full of joy, love, adventure, and abundance.

Whether in-person or virtual, access the power that is already within you at one of our healing sessions.

Which healing tool is right for you?


Universal life force balances your energies to improve your life and spiritual growth.

Crystal Healing

Raise your good vibes and gently move energy blocks to tap into your inner guide and healer. 



Use the power of your own breath to invite in more love, abundance, and self-connection.

Meet Sheila Zayas

Sheila supports people in gaining power over their emotions and lives by helping them relax their bodies and minds. Being witness to their happiness and healing is one of her greatest passions.

Sheila healed herself from overwhelming stress and sadness and in the process, she found inner peace. Thanks to deep healing work, she is now mostly smiles and love.

Her soul called her to lead others to self-heal from pain and suffering.

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